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In the grand tradition of “The Golden Fleece” awards, (a revealing program from US
Senator William Proxmire), Freedom Weekly will present its own awards for government
waste. Our intent is to educate the public on how wasteful some public spending is, so that
we can begin “emptying the pork barrel”. As budgets become tighter and more scrutiny is
placed on public spending , the hope is that less money will be earmarked for projects that
shouldn’t see the light of day. Those in Congress that have a hard time finding budgetary
cuts need only read this regular feature to locate cost savings.

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Governor Jim Doyle had problems filling out travel expenses. See this link: http://media.journalinteractive.com/images/doylgeG_070509.jpg


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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 00:00

A few weeks ago, Freedom Weekly produced a story asking “Are We Becoming a Food Stamp Nation”. The question referred to the burgeoning use of Food Stamps during the Obama Presidency, and whether it was a trend that was reversible. Obama Administration officials have insisted that the waivers granted to states to “redefine work requirements” were not an attempt to suspend or eliminate the work rules set up in the very successful Welfare Reform legislation from 1996.

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Governments Gone Wild

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As government budgets get tighter and politicians talk about spending cuts,  we will provide examples of government spending gone amuck. It is by showing examples of egregious spending habits that the public will see that massive waste still exists in governments at all levels. Politicians who threaten that proposed cuts will destroy the economy or make the elderly eat cat food for dinner are simply fear-mongering to keep control over their ever increasing budgets and power.

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The Sage Grouse

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The Sage Grouse is a bird that looks like an overgrown quail.  It is found in more than 11 states, and has seen declining numbers since Lewis and Clark discovered its chicken like qualities on their tour of the Northwest.

Well our tax dollars have been going to its protection and its habitat, even though many of the same states allow hunting of the little bird.  $71 million dollars was recently added to funds being offered to “voluntarily” protect the habitat of the Sage Grouse.  The US Dept. of Agriculture is providing the funds to ranchers who develop “cooperative conservation” programs which focus in on protecting the bird and its surroundings.

Tens of millions of our tax dollars are being spent every year for ranchers to save the habitat of a bird that we hunt on a regular basis?  This sure seems like a waste of money, but then nothing the federal government does seems to surprise us anymore.

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The much maligned Stimulus package included grants and subsidies for corporate entities that the Obama Administration favored.  The debacles with Solyndra, Spectrawatt, Evergreen Solar, Mountain Plaza, and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition proved that even government money could not prevent bad companies from going bankrupt.  

But other companies received government largess, while providing very little benefit to US taxpayers.  In fact, Fisker Automotive received a highly touted $529 million loan guarantee from the Energy Department, which VP Joe Biden heralded as a “bright path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs.”  The Finnish company then outsourced the assembly to Finland, citing a lack of contract manufacturers in the US that could handle the job.  Wall Street Journal reports indicate that the jobs were going to Finland all along.    

What wasn’t made public was that Fisker Automotive was backed by a well connected venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins, whose partners include Al Gore.  Now it all makes sense. Finnish jobs get subsidized by our federal dollars, and all to support an overseas competitor.  Thanks to Al Gore.

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